MTM Building Group is a full-service construction consulting firm. These are just a few of our services.

Commercial & Residential


Design Build

In order to streamline the process from start to finish, both design and construction services are available in a single entity (the design-builder). Our system allows Clients to have flexibility and control of their project without the stress of day-to-day operations.


Commercial and Residential
  • General Contracting: Clients are provided a weekly overview of the construction site, management of vendors and trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of the building project.  

  • Project Management: MTM utilizes management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time and quality. The approach is transparent, providing clients with the level of engagement they need to truly feel like part of the process. 

  • Grading / Underground: We ensure a level base (or one with a specified slope) at the start of each project. 

  • Construction Finance: MTM offers construction financing -- Construction can be financed in two ways. One way is to use two loans, a construction loan for the period of construction, followed by a permanent loan from another lender, which pays off the construction loan. Borrowers who use two loans must decide whether they will take out the construction loan, or have the builder do it. The second approach is to use a single combination loan, where the construction loan becomes permanent at the end of the construction period.

  • Foundations/Concrete: In-house service

  • Framing/Trim/Interior Design: In-house service


  • Owner Builder Developer: MTM assists principals and owners with the development of their properties.

  • Fixed and Transparent Contracts: MTM offers a fixed price per spec contract. We also offer transparent contracts for flexible cost and budgeting. This approach allows for easy budgeting and transparency, rather than open-ended hourly and billing and unexpected total cost for materials.

  • Problem Solving: Our experts are trained to foresee and solve for potential problems in the building process, as well as quickly resolve the unpredictable.

  • Site Evaluation: Our team will perform a thorough assessment of the construction site, including an in-depth look at physical factors (climate, sun angles, etc.), topography, geotechnical components, regulatory factors like zoning codes, and the availability of utilities. 

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