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MTM Building group strives to be a leader in the residential and construction markets with innovative and practical solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We are committed to:

  • Jumpstarting innovative designs for developments in the South Bay
  • Offering owner/builder development projects
  • Creating developments to suit the people living in our community and the area itself
  • Improving quality of life by creating community-friendly environments with innovative, unexpected features and living quarters designed for usefulness and practicality
  • Serving our client first and foremost, so they get what they want, when they need it

What We Do

MTM Building Group, Inc. offers an innovative “design/build” system. We work directly with our client, from concept to completion: integrating all steps in the design and construction process allows us to streamline much of the construction process, so our projects come in on-time and within budget. Furthermore, MTM is one of only a few hillside specialists expert in developing and building on often challenging lots still meeting standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Why Choose MTM?

MTM Building Group is a versatile and expert full-service, full-scope contracting firm and consultancy for all types of residential and commercial building. We work through all phases in the development process, engaging and guiding homeowners, builders, developers, architects, engineers, realtors, lenders, and specialty contractors throughout the process. Additionally, we can advise on various matters beyond the scope of construction, such as whether you should remodel or tear down existing buildings, how to strategically plan your lot use; and getting financing. With MTM, your project is in capable hands from start-to-finish, or just when you need us.

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1610 Dell Ave. Suite D
Campbell, CA 95008

Tel: (408) 448-4068

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